Quick & Dirty Backup
  1. Make sure everyone is logged out.
  2. Go to a "DOS" prompt (may appear as "MS-DOS" or "COMMAND PROMPT".
  3. You will see "C:\Windows>Enter Command:" (what you see may be slightly different).
  4. At this prompt type "cd\" and then press "Enter".
  5. Now you should see "C:\>Enter Command:".
  6. Type "cd backup" and press "Enter" *(if the system tells you "invalid directory" see instructions below).
  7. Now you should see "C:\backup>Enter Command:".
  8. Type "xcopy g:\lac\*.* /s/e" and press "Enter".
  9. When the "xcopy" is complete the system will tell you the number of files copied.
  10. Type "exit" to return to your desktop.

*If the system told you "invalid directory" follow these steps to create a backup directory:

  1. You should still see "C:\>Enter Command:".
  2. Type "md backup" and press "Enter".
  3. Type "cd backup" and press "Enter".
  4. Now you should see "C:\backup>Enter Command:".
  5. Return to step 8 above.