About Us

THE CORNWELL ASSOCIATES, Accountants, Inc. is Florida's oldest and most experienced firm specializing in consulting services for Housing Authorities. We have been involved in this field for over 35 years, and our experience spans all phases of housing management. This allows us to perform various levels of service, including all of HUD's current housing programs.

Our staff has utilized computers for many years, using them for our fee accounting clients. We have extensive computer experience, and offer all ranges of computer services. We install and support Novell and Microsoft networks throughout the state of Florida. We provide support for Housing Authorities, without regard to size. We handle a wide variety of network settings, and even offer web hosting services.

THE CORNWELL ASSOCIATES, Accountants, Inc. is here to help you through the good and bad times. We have been in this industry for some time, and we will continue to provide top notched services for our clients.