Moving Out A Tenant
  1. Go into "Tenant Applicant Processing".
  2. Go into "Enter/Update Tenants".
  3. Select Tenant to be moved out.
  4. Press the "ESC" key to get the menu across the top.
  5. Right arrow to "Process".
  6. Down arrow to "Move Out".
  7. Enter move out date.
  8. At "Move Out Code" press "F2" to select correct "Move Out Code".
  9. "Move Out Reason/Comment" may be used to record desired comments.
  10. Press "F10" to complete move out.
  11. System will tell you to "verify automatic system changes to Tenant Master and Unit/Property record before printing 50058/50059 or other applicable reports". Click "OK".
  12. Save Tenant.
  13. Print reports. Be sure this includes the 50058 for transmission to "MTCS".
  14. In "TAR" go to "Transactions", apply security deposits. Credit the tenants account for the full amount of the existing security deposit.
  15. In "TAR" input additional charges associated with the move out - maintenance, late charges, ect. If there is rent for the move out month that needs to be reduced, go to credit unearned rent and reduce the previously posted rent.
  16. The balance for the resident is now either a positive or negative number. If positive (debit balance), do a collection loss charge. If the tenant is owed money, pay the resident through A/P and do a debit memo against open credits in the same month as the check is written.