Tenants A/R Month End Process
  1. Before starting the month end process make sure all adjustments, move-ins, transfers, and moveouts are done in the system.
  2. From the "Accounting Menu" select "Tenant Accounts Receivable".
  3. In "TAR" press "CTRL-P" and set posting date to last day of month.
  4. Print, at a minimum, the following reports: Aging Report, AR/SD Recap, AR/Status Report, Balance Due Report, Rental Register (this report uses wide paper), Transaction List/Detail Report (for date range use xx/1 - xx/31/00 where "xx" is the month your HUD 52295 is closing).
  5. Exit out of "TAR"
  6. Do a "Quick & Dirty Backup".
  7. From the "Tenant/Applicant" menu select "Tenant Applicant Processing".
  8. Press "CTRL-P" to change the posting date to the 1st of the new month.
  9. Right arrow to "General Reports".
  10. Select "Tenant List". Run a Tenant list for Public Housing.
  11. Left arrow to "Tenant Menu" select "Update Tenants from Pending File".
  12. Be sure the "Include through Effective Date" is the last day of the new month.
  13. Press "F10". System will print report and a box will pop up and ask you "Update files from Pending Files?". Be sure to review the printed report before you say "yes".
  14. When you have reviewed the report and are ready to update, highlight "Update" and press "Enter".
  15. Once you have updated from "Pending" go to "General Reports" again and run another "Tenant List". This list will reflect the new rents.
  16. Exit from "TAP".
  17. Do a "Quick & Dirty Backup" to a different machine.
  18. Right arrow to "Accounting". Select "Tenants Accounts Receivable".
  19. Press "CTRL-P" to set posting date to last day of the month you are closing.
  20. Right arrow to "Processes".
  21. Select "Auto-Apply Open Credits". A box will pop up and tell you the last time this process was done.
  22. Highlight "Proceed" and press "Enter".
  23. The system will advise you that all users must be out of the "TAR" transaction files. Highlight "Proceed" and press "Enter".
  24. Enter the necessary information to apply open credits. Be sure the posting date is the last day of the month you are closing. Press "F10".
  25. Right arrow to "Other". Select "Excess Utilities". Select "Billings". Select "Update Tenant A/R".
  26. Set period for new month. Set posting date for 1st of new month. Press "F10" to update.
  27. Press "ESC" two times to return to "Open Item Accounts Receivable System".
  28. Before proceeding with the following month end closing steps make sure everyone is off the system and do another "Quick & Dirty Backup". Failure to do these backups will make restoring your system very costly should something happen during closing.
  29. Return to "Tenants Accounts Receivable". Right arrow to "Month End".
  30. Press "CTRL-P" to set posting date for the 1st of the new month.
  31. Process each step in the order that they are on the menu.
  32. Do monthly backup tape before proceeding with final closing. Print "Accounting Summary/Close Month".