Creating Recurring Invoices
  1. Go into "Accounts Payable".
  2. Go into "Enter/Update Invoice".
  3. In "Vendor Number" enter the vendor number for the Housing Authority to be paid.
  4. The Invoice Number must be entered with the following format: "AUTOINVC 123456 Admin". After "AUTOINVC" there are 2 spaces, 123456 is a valid tenant number and spaces are space bars not space arrows.
  5. In "Invoice Header" enter the amount of the recurring Admin Fee.
  6. Comment can be Recurring Admin Fee.
  7. In "Account Number for Automatic Debit Entry" enter the expense account for Admin Fee (this should be your Admin Fee Expense account like 08-001-4190.01-5). Please call our office if you question whether this account number is in your chart of accounts. If this is a cert or voucher it will affect the PHA charged.
  8. In "Bank Credit G/L Account Number" enter the bank account you are writing checks from.
  9. "Recurring" flag must have an "X" beside it.
  10. "Section 8" flag must have an "X" beside it.
  11. All other flag fields will be left blank.
  12. In "Due Date" enter 03/29/2002 (this date is just an example).
  13. In "Invoice Date" enter 03/29/2002 (this date is just an example).

These steps will enter recurring invoices for your Admin Fees payable to other Housing Authorities. You must make sure "AP" is closed for your current month before starting the next month's check run. Once you close the current month the "Recurring Invoices" will be there.