How To Check Your Backup
  1. In the morning, when you get to the office, is the best time to check.
  2. On your server's keyboard press and hold "CTRL" then press "ESC". You will see a menu with numbered options. Select the number that corresponds to the "Backup Exec - Job Mangager" option. Press "Enter".
  3. On the "Job Manager" screen you will see the status of your backup.
  4. If job status says ready on top and "Job Completion Status Normal" then your backup is completed with no errors.
  5. If job status says "Job In Need of Attention" press "Enter", and read the message, then call our office for assistance.
  6. This is to be done everyday if you are not getting a printout. If you get a printout everyday, look on the printout for the job completion status.